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‘Ghana jollof is tasteless, lacks flavour’ – Hilda Baci joins Ghana vs Nigeria jollof discussion



Speaking on a past jollof competition between Ghana and Nigeria, Chef Hilda Baci, known for shattering the record for the longest cooking time shared her opinions on Ghanaian jollof.

The chef gloated over winning the tournament and recalled about how disgusting the Ghanaian jollof tasted.

Hilda Baci said that the Ghanaian jollof she tried lacked flavour, even though it was a competition where each competitor gave it their all.

She declared that she was positive the dish was the best her Ghanaian cook had ever made after tasting it.

In the podcast, Hilda Baci stated that she looked into Ghanaian jollof recipes and found them to be, at most, basic and lacking in the complex flavour profiles she appreciates in a well-cooked dish.

She made a comparison between this and her admiration for Nigerian jollof, asserting that Nigerians take flavour seriously and don’t skimp on it while creating flavourful dishes.

Watch her speak in the video below:




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