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Watch how Nigerian boxer Rasheed Idowu knocked out Bastie Samir twice in UBO title fight



Nigerian boxer, Rasheed Idowu caused a powerful shock in Accra when he knocked out Ghanaian boxer, Bastie Samir in round 2 of their cruiserweight title fight at Kawukudi on Saturday, April 13, 2024.

Bastie Samir was beaten in a similar fashion as he did in his famous win over Bukom Banku back in 2017 except that he was floored twice after just two rounds of boxing.

Rasheed landed the first punch to set the fight in motion with Bastie responding with some good punches in their vacant Universal Boxing Organization [UBO] African Light Heavyweight title fight.

Rasheed timely set up the 37-year-old Ghanaian boxer when he locked him on the ropes and hit him hard with an uppercut.

Seeing danger approaching, Bastie sought an escape route but was met with a dangerous left hook which sent him straight to the canvas.

The boxer fell through the ropes landing on the timekeeper’s table who had to support him with his hands from falling further to the ground.

Shockingly the referee allowed the fight to continue after Bastie returned to his feet much to the dismay of fans and the Nigerian resumed his barrage of punches on Bastie.

When Bastie attempted to respond with a punch, he was met with a slight left hook which floored him.

Bastie laid helplessly on the ground as the referee finally gave up and waved off the fight before the medical team rushed to attend to him.

Despite the undisputed victory, the judges scored the fight as a technical draw with no winner.

The result has since caused a big confusion with the Nigerian Boxing Authority set to file a complaint to the African Boxing Confederation.

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