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VIDEO: Pupil teacher c*ught having s*x with 11-year-old in an uncompleted Building



Watch the video below

A video sighted by captures a fully grown man having s*xual intercourse with a little girl in an uncompleted building.

Per the information we have gathered, the young man is said to have lured the school children into the uncompleted building to have sex with them. Some people believe the man is likely to be a teacher but our investigation so far has revealed that, he is not a teacher.

Characters such as these in our society must not be given the slightest chance to operate.

The alleged culprit was caught by whose Kwaku Bonsam, the old man. The old man haven caugh him in the act seemed to be questioning him as to what he was doing to the little girl. Our source also revealed that, the girl is 13 years of age.

In the video, he is seen squatting with his back touching one of the walls of the bath house within the building to give him the needed balance. The little girl sat on him while he did his own thing.

He begged the old man through non verbal gestures and seems to be telling him something however, his voice was faint. The gestures from the old man seemed to request the man to remove his manhood from the private part of the little girl.

This is very bad and the Ghana police and other government agencies under whose jurisdiction such matters fall must act now to help apprehend this alleged teacher no matter where he is in Ghana.

DOVSU and the Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Protection (MoGCSP) must help in this regard. The Human Rights Reporters Ghana (HRRG) has also sighted this video and condemns the act. This act a violation of the right of the girl child which must be protected at all times.


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