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Chef Hilda Baci expresses frustration as lover fails to propose despite achievements



In a widely circulated video on TikTok, Chef Hilda expressed her dismay, questioning why her lover had not yet taken the next step in their relationship.

She shared her sentiments, stating, “Is there a reason why, even after breaking the world record, this man has still not proposed to me? I have been making different meals, waiting for him to propose. I have made Ofada; in fact, that’s juice for another day.”

The chef conveyed her sincere belief that she had done everything possible to show her commitment and affection.

She questioned the audacity of her partner’s hesitation, stating, “I honestly feel like this is audacity at its height. Because why? I’ve done everything now. What more do you want from me, oga? And he still doesn’t want to propose.”

Chef Hilda’s candid video quickly caught the attention of social media users, sparking a range of reactions and advice.

Some commenters suggested that she refrain from cooking for her partner and instead provide him with the opportunity to take her out for a meal, hoping that this change in approach would prompt a proposal.

However, amidst the light-hearted comments, there were also supportive and humorous responses from individuals empathizing with Chef Hilda’s situation.

Some commenters playfully claimed the role of the proposer themselves or commended Chef Hilda for her approach to love and relationship dynamics.

Chef Hilda Baci gained widespread recognition for her culinary skills and record breaking achievements within the Nigerian food industry. She made it to the Guiness Book of Record.


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