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Road Safety Authority narrates how buttocks causes road accident



Road accidents have been associated with a combination of various factors. From bad roads, drunk driving to careless driving, road accidents remain a menace in the country.

While there have been frantic measures by authorities to ensure that drivers and road users abide by the needed regulations, a rather interesting situation has been associated with the growing percentage of accidents on our roads.

According to the Public Relations Manager of the Road Safety Authority, Pearl Adusu Sateckla, male drivers for instance, occasionally display a lack of attention when driving, leading to accidents.

She cited that some men love to watch the buttocks of women when driving thereby leading to road crashes.

“Men are in the majority, men like watching women with buttocks and it’s also part of the inattentiveness,” she made the comments on Citi FM’s Auto Show on March 28, 2024.

When probed whether there is research to back this claim, the Road Safety Authority Manager affirmed this by adding that although some women do same, they are more careful on the roads than men.

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