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Watch as a bride refuses to say her wedding vows about obeying her husband



In a viral video trending on social media, especially on Twitter, as the bride and groom walked in to recite their vows and exchange wedding rings to seal their marriage, the bride refused to recite some part of her wedding vows.

According to her the part which talked about obeying the husband was not discussed during their counseling session hence, she wouldn’t make any promise of obeying her husband in their marriage.

“In sickness, and in health, to love, cherish, and to obey…. we did not talk about that in counseling. I think we can keep down with it”, she said.

A lot of netizens seem not to agree with the actions of the bride. A lot of them asserted that such a marriage will not last since the lady cannot fulfill her responsibility by obeying her husband while others see nothing wrong with that.

“If you marry the right man, obeying him will be the same as obeying God. If you’re worried about obeying your husband, then back to counseling you go”, a netizen shared.

“The Bible says the wife is supposed to honor and obey her husband as a leader, not as a master. Husbands are supposed to be unconditional servants to their wives”, another netizen wrote.

A social media user known as yksmith 1969 said that: “I did not say obey and told my pastor not to say it in our vows. He didn’t and we have been married for 30 years!”.

Check out the video below:

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