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Husband arrested for keeping wife and children indoors for two years



According to Jennifer, a freelance reporter, some journalists gathered that the suspect had kept the wife and the four of his children indoors for the past two years, not allowing them to see daylight or night.

She said on Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm’s Frontline that the suspect and his wife and the children lived in a bushy house, but after realising the problem had spread, he got rid of the weeds.

She also reported that the Social Welfare Department rescued the woman and the children, while the husband is being held by police, who are assisting them with their investigation.

It was also discovered that the woman was ill, and she was taken to the hospital for treatment.

Interaction with the children was difficult because the first daughter refused to speak with the journalists, whereas the last born was willing to speak but was stopped by her sister.

She also claimed that there was an unpleasant odour in the house due to the disorganised kitchen.

Meanwhile, when contacted, a relative of the woman stated that the problem was marital in nature, making it difficult for them to intervene.

She only went to see the woman when it was absolutely necessary, according to her.

She revealed that the woman suffered from depression and was treated at the Accra Psychiatric Hospital, but she refused to take her medication.

She told the host that her husband kept her away from the family and that when she visited while he was home, he wouldn’t let her see the woman.

She was required to report the incident to the Social Welfare Department, after which the suspect was arrested.




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