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Woman narrates ordeal after husband cuts off her fingers for using WhatsApp



A mother of two, who was badly disfigured by her husband for not adhering to his order to stop using WhatsApp, has narrated the nightmare she went through.

Speaking in an interview on UTV, the woman said that before her husband attacked her, he threatened to kill himself if she does not stop using the social media platform.

The victim, who had bandages all over her body, said that she was asleep when her husband, whom she named as Robert Arhin, started attacking her.

“He told me that he would kill himself if I don’t delete the WhatsApp on my phone. And I told him to stop talking like that because I will not cheat on him. I also told him that he cannot leave me alone to take care of our two young children. I then decided to give him my phone so that he will give it back to me when he is convinced, I am not doing anything bad.

“I slept off and he started attacking me… I realised it was a knife he was using to attack me after I run out of the room and saw that I was bleeding all over,” she said in Twi.

“I have two stitches on my head. He cut off three fingers on my left hand leaving the index figure and the thumb. He divided the thumb on my right hand and also cut other parts of my body,” she added.

The victim also said that her husband is now on the run and has not been seen after the incident.

Watch the interview below:


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