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Suspected thief allegedly lynched in Bibiani



According to an eyewitness, the man’s lifeless body was discovered between Whenampori and Nantwikumye, off the Bibiani-Bekwai road.

The residents of Bibiani and its surrounding communities have expressed their concerns about the escalating robbery and theft cases, as many individuals continue to fall victim to criminal activities without any arrests made by the security agencies.

According to a Citinewsroom report, some residents who arrived at the scene claimed that the deceased’s motionless body was found between Hwenampori and Nantwikumye at daybreak.

These residents regarded the killing as good news, considering the ongoing terror caused by thieves, and they issued a warning that any thief caught would face a similar fate.

Speaking to the media, Adam Smith, the Assemblyman for Hwenampori Electoral Area, justified the lynching as a deterrent to other thieves.

Smith noted that the deceased, allegedly from Abuakwa in the Ashanti Region, had previously been arrested for a similar crime.

He emphasized that such actions would send a message to potential thieves, highlighting the importance of hard work and discouraging criminal behaviour.

“A year ago, a suspected thief was apprehended, so the lynching will serve as a deterrent to other thieves who might consider targeting this area. People work diligently to acquire possessions for their homes, and thieves come and steal from them. We have learned that this individual was from Abuakwa in the Ashanti Region and had come here to commit theft. Any thief caught will face punishment. We are appealing to the youth to strive to earn a living and to refrain from stealing,” citinewsroom quoted Adam Smith.

Confirming the incident, the police took the deceased’s body to the Bibiani Government Hospital for further investigation.




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