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Murdered Nsutam SHS girl used to skip school to see her boyfriend – Uncle claims



The uncle of the 18-year-old student from New Nsutam Senior High Technical School in the Abuakwa-North District of the Eastern Region, who was allegedly murdered by her barber boyfriend, has shed light on the victim’s troubled relationship and its impact on her education.

According to the uncle, Abigail Asare had been skipping school due to her involvement with the barber, causing her to become a habitual absentee from school.

He further disclosed that the school’s teachers had contacted them to report Abigail’s consistent absence from classes, and in an attempt to address the situation, he personally confronted the boyfriend, warning him about the negative influence their relationship was having on Abigail’s education, but unfortunately, his efforts proved futile.

“One of the things I want to clear on air is that our daughter, who has just lost her life, is someone that we are taking care of, and she is schooling at Nsutam Senior High School,” stated Uncle Robert. “We had information that she was dating the suspect who killed her, so the family took steps to take action. I personally went to the boy to talk to him because, during those times, whenever I called the school, they told me that my niece was not coming to school for two weeks or three weeks.

“So, the teacher called me and told me that a certain boy called Emeka is dating my niece so she doesn’t come to school….so, we went there to warn the boy to stop dating our niece… there were so many steps that we took. So, we thought they had even stopped dating.

Uncle Robert also revealed that Abigail had been living in a rented house due to her inability to secure a school hostel and that the suspected murderer’s shop was situated right in front of Abigail’s residence.

He also accused the landlord of being complicit in the tragedy, claiming that he rented the apartment without informing the school authorities, which could have allowed for better monitoring of the student’s behaviour.

“The landlord is also part of the whole situation because he has rented his house without any information from the school authorities to monitor the children; because if you have used your house to rent students, you need to inform the teachers to monitor their actions.

GhanaWeb last week gathered that Abigail Asare, a form two student of the school and resident of Accra, on the morning of Friday, June 2, 2023, around 9 am, visited her boyfriend, Emeka, said to be a Togolese soon after leaving school for the mid-term holidays which began on Friday.

Not long after, Emeka is said to have left the shop without his girlfriend.

Minutes later, a customer who came to the shop for a haircut saw the lifeless body of the victim on the floor, soaked in blood from knife wounds.

Alarmed by the spectacle, the eyewitness quickly informed the Akyem-Nsutem police, who also informed the Kyebi police, with men from the Kyebi Divisional Police Command responding immediately to the scene.

The police conveyed the lifeless body of the student, which has been deposited at the Kyebi Government Hospital for preservation and autopsy as investigations into the incident continue.

The suspect has since fled the community as a follow-up search to his home met his absence.

It’s unclear what happened between the two inside the shop, which led to the suspect stabbing the young woman.


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