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Mic Cardi B threw at fan sold for nearly $100k for charity



Scott Fisher, the owner of The Wave Inc, a Las Vegas-based audio production company, was the first to express interest in the mic. The company was responsible for the provision of sound equipment to Drai’s Beachclub during the incident that occurred.

The company for the past nine years has been in charge of providing audio gear to the beach club since it was outdoored at Cromwell Hotel. Cardi B on July 29 hit back at a fan who threw a liquid at her unprovoked at the Las Vegas beach club. The rapper retaliated by throwing her microphone at the fan. Though the fan has reported the incident to the police, Cardi B is yet to be charged, according to CBS News.

After retrieving the thrown microphone from Cardi B’s concert crowd, Fisher decided to auction it off for charity. The proceeds from selling the Shure AD2 Axient Digital mic would be given to two charities – Friendship Circle Las Vegas and the Wounded Warrior Project. Fisher confirmed the microphone’s authenticity through labeling and synchronization with Cardi B’s earpiece.

He explained that microphones and in-ear systems are marked before sound checks to ensure proper distribution during the show, and white tape on Cardi B’s mic helped identify it in videos. Fisher further validated the mic’s legitimacy by consulting Drai’s sound technician, confirming its labeling and receiver details.

The microphone, which was listed on eBay, comes with a certification letter from Fisher and a custom display case donated by a company upon learning about its sale. Surprisingly, the bidding saw over 120 participants, resulting in a final selling price of nearly $100,000.

This outcome astonished Fisher, as the mic’s typical retail value stands at around $1,000. While Fisher initially hoped for a $5,000 sale, he never anticipated the immense national attention and news coverage the auction would generate.

The success of this unexpected venture has brought both recognition and significant contributions to the chosen charities.

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