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Nana Akua Addo sets the bar high as Cardi B replicates a dress she wore in 2021



The just-ended Grammy Awards has captured Hollywood star, Cardi B, in an eye-catching garment, an on-trend shade of blue with intricate, wavy motifs that move in circles.

Although the dress design was stunning, it was also made to partially enclose the head and the face.

Since Cardi B shared pictures of her outfit, it has garnered praise from many people all over the world. However, unknown to them, Nana Akua Addo, a Ghanaian fashion star, wore an identical garment in 2021.

The dress Nana Akua wore in 2021 was coloured cream, and she paired it with a short hair extension to show off her form and highlight the outfit’s intricate embellishments.

Unlike Cardi B who wore her dress to the Grammy’s, Nana Akua only did a photoshoot with hers.

The iconic Ghanaian celebrity has rubbed shoulders with some of the biggest personalities outside of Ghana when it pertains to fashion.

While she keeps making waves, her level of fashion has been compared to Hollywood standards.

This has led to many netizens wondering which celebrity wore the outfit better, Cardi B or Nana Akua Addo?




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