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I am not dating Grand P because of money – Girlfriend claims



Speaking through a translator on the Prime Morning Show on Joy Prime, Eudoxie Yao clarified that her relationship with Grand P is real and not for social media clout.

She shot down allegations that she was with Grand P because of his money, emphasising that she loved him because of his “heart”.

“He’s a man with a big heart, we went through a lot when he was down. With him, I am learning a lot,” she said.

Eudoxie P disclosed that they had been dating since 2019. Saying, ”Since 2019…we break up the relationship…we come back. break up, come back.”

However, according to her, the relationship had been rocky because “ he likes women.” Indicating that he is promiscuous.

Eudoxie Yao, refused to give details about their sex life, saying it was a secret. She however, revealed that they were making plans to get married.

Grand P, when confronted with the allegation, raised his arms in innocence.

Grand P gained his fame after appearing on a show by Guinean musician Kerfalla Kante, thanks to his unique personality and stature.

He quickly became a sensation on social media both in Guinea and internationally. He is currently in Ghana, with his visit being facilitated by LEMA Press, one of Ghana’s leading printing presses.

According to the CEO of LEMA Press, Zina Dassa, Grand P’s visit is inspired by his never-give-up attitude and diligence to duty.

Mr Dassa also believes that Grand P’s rise to fame should encourage Ghanaian youths to strive for success.

LEMA Press has lined up a series of activities, including a Meet-N-Greet for Ghanaian celebrities to acquaint themselves with the sensational Grand P.




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