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Lil Durk endorses Xlimkid‘s ‘Lonely Road’ with O’Kenneth



The emotional depth and artistic prowess displayed in this collaboration have transcended borders, eliciting a heartfelt response from Lil Durk.

‘Lonely Road’ off their six-track EP ‘Pain in Glory’ stands out as a soul-stirring composition that delves into the complexities of life’s journey. Xlimkid’s emotive delivery, combined with O’Kenneth’s poignant verses, creates a musical narrative that resonates with listeners on a profound level. The collaboration encapsulates the essence of authentic storytelling through music.

The six-track EP caught the attention of US-based rapper Lil Durk, whose All My Life is one of the most successful songs this year. The Grammy-nominated rapper shared a throwback photo of his family on his Instagram stories with a song off the EP to celebrate his brother, who tragically passed away after a shooting incident.

Lil Durk’s gesture threw social media into a frenzy with Xlimkid and O’Kenneth celebrating the milestone. Four days after Lil Durk’s Instagram post, Lonely Road has become the number-one song in the country on Apple Music and Audiomack, exciting their fans and scores of the genre’s fanbase.

Xlimkid is an emerging talent from Ghana, who gaining international recognition for his ability to seamlessly blend Afrobeat vibes with heartfelt storytelling. Lil Durk’s emotional response adds to the growing list of global influencers acknowledging the artistic brilliance emanating from the African music scene.



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