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Fetish priest ‘commits’ suicide after shooting girlfriend over sex dispute



The tragic incident according to a newspaper report by the DailyGuide Newspaper dated August 23, 2023, occurred in Ejisu-Juaben in the Ashanti Region and has left the community in shock.

The fetish priest, identified as Akwasi Antwi in the news report allegedly used a single-barrel long gun to shoot his girlfriend, whose name is also given as Ama Atta, at close range at about 9:30 pm on Saturday evening.

Eyewitnesses in the report indicated that the fetish priest, Antwi and Ama Atta, his girlfriend had been in a relationship for some time, but their relationship had been marred recently.

The eyewitness explained that Antwi had expressed grievances about Ama Atta’s refusal to have sex with him; suspecting her of cheating.

On the ill-fated day, the fetish priest reportedly went to Ama Atta’s residence with a single-barrel long gun around 9:30 pm.

An argument ensued when Antwi went to the house with the gun. During the argument, Ama Atta warned Antwi not to bring a firearm to her home again.

As argument escalated, Antwi left the scene briefly, only to return a few minutes later and accuse Ama Atta of being unfaithful to him.

He then shot Ama Atta in the rib area and left the scene.

The sound of the gunshot drew the attention of bystanders, who attempted to apprehend Antwi and disarm him.

Sensing the danger, the fetish priest fled into a nearby bush, where he reportedly took his own life. His body has since been transported to a morgue.

However, his girlfriend, Ama Atta survived the gunshot and is currently receiving treatment in a medical facility in the Ashanti Region.



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