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Here is the ‘real’ meaning of Nogokpo



Located along the Trans-West African Coastal Highway, Nogokpo has been undoubtedly one of the revered towns in Ghana because of its perceived supernatural prowess.

In a sermon in the latter part of May 2023, the leader of Perez Chapel, Archbishop Argyinasare described the Nogokpo town as the headquarters of demons.

The ‘controversial’ comment by the archbishop sparked public conversations either in support or slamming the man of God.

At a press conference organised by the traditional leaders of the town, the spokesperson, Nufialagah Mawufemor Kobla Nornyigbey, explained what seems to be the real meaning of the name; Nogokpo.

According to him, the name of the town, Nogokpo, has two meanings. There is the ‘esote nya’ [esoteric knowledge] and the ordinary meaning.

“First of all, the name of the has two meanings. We have the esoteric knowledge side, and we have the ordinary name which is ‘eno ge kpoo a’ to wit [ are you willing to stay here peacefully].

“The name of the town is a question on its own. Because of the supreme energy that is on this land, they don’t encourage evil or wicked people to stay or live with us in this town. So, in the past when you are a stranger coming into the town, our fathers will ask you “edzua, ek) fe dzu e, eno ge kpoa? Which means, there are rules and regulations governing this place, are you willing to live here in peace? That is how the name developed into Nogokpo,” he said.

The spokesperson further explained that the esoteric meaning of the name Nogokpo points to the town as the home of the universe.
“Now when you come to our esoteric knowledge, Nogokpo means the home of the universe. This is the deep side of the knowledge that people don’t know. So, they try to put negativity to the name,” he continued.

The Nufialagah added that the Volta Region possesses a wealth of tourism opportunities that can be marketed to attract visitors into the region rather than the negativity that is being attached to the region.

“My brother, look at the Volta Region we have numerous tourism potentials. We have lots of potential that we can market for people like Agyinasare can market but they choose because of their business to look down upon this town and this look negative,” he urged.

To him, it is not a deniable fact that people who seek justice always come for consultation from the deity in Nogokpo.

“But we all know in this country that when people seek justice somewhere and they don’t get it, the only place they come is Nogokpo, because they know the god of thunder, lightning, fire and justice is here, so Nogokpo has already marketed itself all we need to is to promote it. But the backlash he had on social media should tell you that people appreciate the great work we do here” he added.




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