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Enough is enough! Ewes have been disrespected for long – Nogokpo Spokesperson



According to him, there have been previous instances where Ewes as an ethnic group have been taken for granted; through utterances from various persons including some other men of God.

Speaking on Joynews’ Pulse on Tuesday, June 6, 2023, Mr. Nornyigbey said;
“We the Ewes are peaceful people, we are loving people, we are caring people; our yes is our yes! For years, we the Ewes have been disrespected in so many ways. Sometime ago, another man of God came to say in the Volta Region it is like ‘Xorse viede, 3gbo viede”, (to wit, a little faith, a little fetish), it’s like when they hear things about the Volta Region, they don’t take their time to do the necessary enquiries. People have disrespected us for a long time, we are trying to be peaceful.

“Agyinasare’s issue, we are not taking that one lightly because for me, from our angle, he has insulted the whole Ewe land, all Voltarians, then narrow it to Nogokpo to declare it as the demonic headquarters.

“It’s not about me trying to play a tribal card but that is the reality on the ground, we are being disrespected and it is time to say enough is enough.
He also noted that the issue escalated after Agyinasare issued what he said was an apology following his initial comments that started the controversy.

Although the Bishop said his family is from the Volta Region and that his comments were not meant to denigrate the community or people, Mr. Nornyigbey said he believes the former’s comments were defensive rather than apologetic.

“The first week the first video was in circulation, there was a lot of tension among the youth who wanted to act and that is when the elders came to meet and came out with a press release, that we should let go of the issue, the elders are handling the issue.

“The letter was sent to the youth and they were told to be patient and exercise restraint and see how the elders will handle the issue.

“It helped calm nerves,” he added.

The spokesperson of Nogokpo, therefore, noted that Bishop Charles Agyinasare must adhere to their 14-day ultimatum to make peace.

“Every land has a Supreme Deity and what makes Nogokpo Nogokpo is the thunder deity so if you describe such a sacred and holy and peaceful place as a demonic headquarters, you have disrespected the energy as well and the people and the land and that is what our brothers and sisters do not understand. The Supreme energy of the land does not encourage such negative energy to be around, so that he will help us to cleanse the town,” he noted.




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