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‘They declared me dead recently, now this’ – Zack Orji clears air on being Gabonese



Veteran Nollywood actor Zack Orji has disputed the veracity of a podcast where he identified himself as a Gabonese.

The podcast which was shared on Monday, May 20, 2024, received a lot of attention on social media.

Zack Orji appeared to have acknowledged in the video that he was born in Gabon, making him a citizen of the nation in Central Africa.

Orji clarified that his birth took place in Gabon as a result of his father’s frequent travels abroad for work.

In the video, he said: “There’s one name that is usually not on the screens and that’s my middle name. My middle name is Amiefuna. My father gave me that name meaning “let my heritage not be lost.

“By reason of my work I travel to different countries and by reason of my father’s work he also traveled to countries. He worked with John Hault, he had knowledge of French and in one of his travels I was born in Gabon and I have gone back to Gabon to direct a film”

Zack Orji, however, has adamantly declared that he is of Nigerian heritage and disputes any assertions to the contrary.

In a statement sent to PUNCH Online on Tuesday, Zack Orji said, “Not long ago, they said I was dead, and, by God’s grace and mercy, it eventually turned out to be a lie from the pit of hell.

“Now, another lie from the pit of hell has emerged, claiming that I said, “I’m from Gabon, I’m not a Nigerian”.

“I hereby issue a disclaimer dissociating myself from that lie. I am a full-blooded Nigerian, both of my parents are Nigerians.

“I am from Enugu State, the Coal City State. I am proudly Nigerian, and I am equally proud of my Nigerian heritage.

“God almighty will deal with whoever originated that lie as he dims fit.”



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