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Gory accident: Tipper truck kills 30-year-old man at Manso



The incident happened late afternoon on Friday while the young man who owns a popular spot at the Manso station, Diasempa Enterprise, was returning from an adjoining town.

A local reporter, Nana Ampong Tilesman told Ultimate News, the man missed his step while crossing the road immediately after alighting from a tricycle.

“It was about three o’clock when he left for the next town. The okada he was coming with, dropped him a bit far away from his destination so he had to alight and cross the road.

“As he was crossing we realized the tipper truck had gotten too close to him. All we saw was the truck had knocked him down and run him over, killing him instantly,” Amponsah Tilesman told Ultimate FM.

Sensing danger from the incensed residents, the driver fled with the truck, parked in a distance and took to his heels.

Ultimate News however gathers that the driver has since turned himself in at the Manso Adubea Police Station.

The badly mutilated remains of the deceased whose intestines and other organs gushed out onto the streets, have been deposited at the St. Martin Hospital at Manso Agroyesum.



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