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Call your members to order – Nogokpo traditional leader urges Christian Council



Fiator Agbodzalu highlighted the verbal attacks on Nogokpo by certain self-proclaimed men and women of God, including Rev. Patricia Asiedu, also known as Nana Agraada, and others.

His call came after a video of Archbishop Charles Agyin-Asare, founder and general overseer of the Perez Chapel International, went viral on social media some two weeks ago, in which he referred to the town as the “demonic headquarters” in the Volta Region.

The archbishop later clarified his comment and said he had no intention to cast a slur on the town and its people, adding that “any misrepresentation or misinformation that has characterized the subsequent commentary and reportage” was unfortunate.

But the chiefs and people of Nogokpo insist that failure on the part of the man of God to appear before them in two weeks would compel them to take another action.

In an interview with the Ghana News Agency (GNA), Fiator Agbodzalu said the entire situation was being misconstrued by Christians, and many individuals on social media are making uninformed comments without grasping the actual facts on the ground.

He pointed out that the Bible did not mention Nogokpo or anything regarding the shrine in Nogokpo.

“Nogokpo is a town where the deity of justice and thunder is revered. The bible never mentioned maami water or the marine spirit, Nogokpo, Juju, or any deity in its pages, and so Christians must stop talking anyhow on the issue, especially on social media platforms and television channels, because those comments can result in religious conflicts in the country,” he said.

The Fiator urged Christians to exercise caution in their discussions about the matter.

He further requested the Christian Council advise the Christian community to refrain from making references to Nogokpo to promote peace and understanding among religious groups.

Fiator Agbodzalu emphasized that Nogokpo is a peaceful town that upholds its principles.

He further clarified that the shrine “Zakadza,” known as the “god of justice and thunder,” is located in Nogokpo and urged Christians to ensure they possess accurate information before engaging in discussions regarding these matters.

According to Fiator Agbodzalu, it is imperative for the Christian Council to promptly address the issue and call for an end to all negative comments and insults directed at the deity and the town of Nogokpo.

He emphasized the importance of Christians focusing on their own spiritual journeys and responsibilities to avoid any potential religious conflicts within the country.

“If Christians claim to have God, they should rather show good examples as followers of Christ instead of trying to bring conflicts into the country. Those pastors and Christians saying all sorts of things against Nogokpo do not own Ghana, and Ghana does not belong to any of them but to everyone, so they must be careful,” Fiator Agbodzalu warned.

The Fiator noted that chiefs must fight for their titles and forget about whatever any other chief said regarding distancing themselves from Nogokpo.

He again called for unity among the traditional leaders in the Volta Region.

The National Peace Council, in a statement last week, called for calm to protect Ghana’s religious peace following the development.

It said the Council was taking the necessary steps to bring peace between the feuding factions and called on all persons making comments on the issue to exercise caution in their commentary in the interest of peace and religious tolerance.


Source: GNA

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