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WATCH: This drug addict reveals why he cannot quit smoking weed



Speaking to Victoria Kyei Baffour on GhanaWeb TV’s Everyday People, James who is now in his 20s said he started doing drugs shortly after dropping out of school.

“I stopped schooling when I was in class 6 and after that, I started to smoke weed. I was 12 years old by then”, he said.

James who now sells shoes in Accra said because he doesn’t have money to afford a good place to lay his head, he is compelled to rent in a ghetto which doesn’t help him take the clean path.

“I still smoke and nothing good comes from it. I wish to quit but it is not as easy as people think it is. You just don’t decide to stop smoking. I can do that myself but they sell those substances where I stay hence, I can get some to buy at any time. It’s a ghetto and most of these drug dealers live there including prostitutes,” he said.

James Amoah although dropped out of school at an early age, stated that he wishes to go back to school because he has realized that education is truly the key to success.

Watch the interview below:



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