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VIDEO: This is why men get erection based on what they see



CEO and Managing Consultant for Endpoint Homeopathic Clinic, Dr Adu Boateng

Chief Executive Officer and Managing Consultant for Endpoint Homeopathic Clinic, Dr Adu Boateng has said that men get erected usually by what they see.

He made these comments at the 2022 edition of the Orgasm Conference organized by Counsellor Goerge Lutterodt.

According to him, men easily get aroused when they see sexually related things or by some sexual parts of the opposite sex.

“If you are a man and you love women with breasts or buttocks, you can easily get erected. So, men are moved by the things they see. Just by looking at them, you get erected. Just as the Bible said if you watch a woman and perceive anything, it makes you sin. Men can mentally get erected based on what they just conceived.

He added: Maybe, a man might have dated a girl before and just by thinking about the intimacy they had, he will get erected. Men can even get erections through communication, sleep and through touch.

To buttress his points, Dr Boateng disclosed that, “the penis is made up of spongy tissues that have two nerves inside it called the Carpora Cavernosa which helps men to relax their blood whenever they are having sex which also helps them to get erected.”

“During the stage of ‘entry’, his heart begins to beat faster and that’s when you will see a fair lady who is also in the mood’s chest becoming very reddish. That is where you also get to see a white fluid from the tip of the man’s penis and usually that’s not the sperm; that water is colourless and very slippery,” he added.

Dr. Boateng again said that during penetration, there are instances where people think having sex is love making. To him, love making is when there’s some sexual craft to stimulate sex.

“We have cases where you see people having sex through just thrusting in and out. That is not lovemaking. Every woman’s vagina is made of nerves; millions of billions of nerves and you need to stimulate it. So, the act of sexual intercourse is a craft, it is something that needs to be crafted and it is something that one has to learn,” he said.

“I always say Blacks as we are, we love to have sex but we don’t learn about it. The Whites learn about sex so they do not need to learn to know about the number of rounds to go during sex but we think that you have to have rough sex to show that you are making love,” he concluded.

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