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Men do these 5 things for the women they love



When you date someone who is emotionally weak and unstable, your relationship tends to suffer until he works on aspects of his character and elevates his mindset to accommodate the whole of you and the dimensions you come in.

With strong men, however, that is what you get from the get-go. They are not insecure or unnecessarily protective or insanely jealous or anything of the sort.

To know more of the traits of a weak man, see our article here and below for the top five signs you’ll see in a man who is strong in all senses of the word.


For you and all that he cares about. He bears responsibility for his actions, puts effort into taking care of your emotional, physical and financial needs within the limit of reason and rationality.


He is strong to let you maintain the things you’ve always enjoyed doing even before you met him. He does not disrespect your friends in order to hoard you to himself.

He places priority on mutual respect as opposed to seeking baseless submission.

He allows you be, and lets you do things that make you happy.

Emotionally stable

He does not repress feelings and communicates them in reasonable manners. He does not gaslight, does not leave room for resentment as much as he reasonably can.

He is a rock who allows himself to feel as much as he is emotionally available for you when you need it most. He is not clueless about you, neither does he have no direction of his own.

Selfless sex

He puts your satisfaction ahead of yours and ensures that you orgasm at all times. He finds out what you like and does them the way you want them to be done.

Does not abuse you

Not emotionally and certainly not physically no matter how crazy things get.

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