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Reasons why men are attracted to ladies with huge backside

A new study published in the journal “Personality and Individual Differences,” suggests that men’s attraction to women’s buttocks may be hardwired into their brains. The study found that men who rated themselves as having a strong attraction to women’s buttocks also scored higher on a measure of “behavioural inhibition,” a …

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Possible things girls need from men

Women are hard to understand, and if you want to get along with them, you need to know what they really want from a man. Here’s what a woman needs from a man at each stage of her life. WATCH VIDEO: How To Make Money Online In Ghana: Easy Mobile …

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VIDEO: This is why men get erection based on what they see

Chief Executive Officer and Managing Consultant for Endpoint Homeopathic Clinic, Dr Adu Boateng has said that men get erected usually by what they see. He made these comments at the 2022 edition of the Orgasm Conference organized by Counsellor Goerge Lutterodt. According to him, men easily get aroused when they …

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These are 5 most possible signs to see your woman is cheap

When a lady is inexpensive, any man may simply obtain her. Additionally, this means that guys would have little difficulty gaining access to her. It is extremely detrimental to link the term ‘cheap’ with a lady. There are, however, personalities who characterize a lady as a cheap woman. 1. When …

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How male breast cancer kills men

Dr Ewuradjoa Ahimah Nunoo has warned that male breast cancer is real, more aggressive than that in women and in fact has killed men in Ghana. She revealed this to Class News’ Prince Benjamin on Thursday, 13 October 2022. First the award-winning medical doctor established that breast cancer is “rare …

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