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The three questions that will determine outcome of Bawumia vs Kennedy Agyapong ‘showdown’ on November 4



The party’s Special Delegates Congress held on August 26, 2023 produced a winner many anticipated but the wow moment was when the less-fancied Kennedy Agyapong toppled Alan Kyerematen for the second-place finish.

While Vice President Bawumia continues to be the bookmakers’ and pollsters’ favorite to win the November 4 elections, the possibility of Kennedy Agyapong blowing him out of water has not been ruled out as the Assin Central MP appears to have positioned him as the man for the grassroots, most of whom will be delegates in the November 4 elections.

Ahead of the polls, GhanaWeb takes a look at the factors likely to influence the decision of NPP delegates on Number 4.

Who stands the best chance of breaking 8?

The New Patriotic Party has set out to make history by being the first political party under the Fourth Republic to govern the country for more than two consecutive terms.

This remains the ultimate goal and aim of all members of the party. Whiles there may grievances here and there, the goal remains to keep the NDC in opposition and when the delegates wake up on the morning of Saturday, November 4, 2023, the biggest question will be, between Kennedy Agyapong and Dr Mahamudu Bawumia, who is more likely to floor Mahama in the December 7, 2024 general elections.

Those who favor Bawumia will argue that he has since 2008 marketed himself well and is now in position to beat John Mahama.

Kennedy Agyapong’s brigade will advance the argument that he is an outlier who played no direct role in the economic mess currently facing the country hence it will be prudent for the party to send him to face John Mahama.

Who is the grassroots’ favorite?

Kennedy Agyapong’s claim to fame as a man for the masses will be put to test by Dr Mahamudu Bawumia in the November 4 polls.

Unlike the Special Delegate Congress which had just 960 delegates made up largely by the top hierarchy of the party, the November 4 poll is expected to have over 200,000 delegates with majority of them being grassroot persons.

Kennedy Agyapong is hinging his presidential hope on the grassroot as he believes he has over the years demonstrated he is ready to meet the needs and satisfy the demands of the youth.

Bawumia, on the other hand trust himself and his team to make him the candidate of choice to the common people in the party.

It will therefore come down to the person who does a lot grounds work behind the scenes to whip votes of the masses in his favor.

Who has the deeper pocket?

Research by the Centre for Democratic Development and confessions from political figures over the years has established the fact that money plays a huge role in Ghanaian politics.

The success or otherwise of a candidate depends largely on his or her ability to offer money or some form of financial handouts to the voters.

Elections in the NPP have been fraught with allegations of voter inducement and this won’t be any different.

Already Kennedy Agyapong is lamenting that his opponent is offering money to delegates in a bid to woo them.

Whiles Bawumia may have the state behind him, Kennedy Agyapong who has always touted himself as wealthy business mogul will have to match up or offer more than his opponent if he is to stand a chance of winning.

Time as they say, will tell.



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