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Showboy ‘rubbishes’ threats from Krofrom gangs over Junior US’s death



It can be recalled that a group of livid gangs from Kumasi, sometime in 2019, vowed to avenge Junior US’s death by threatening Showboy and some of the deceased’ close friends including Shatta Wale, who failed show up at the funeral.

Junior US, although he resided in the United States until his untimely death was born and bred in Krofrom, where he was said to have nurtured tons of ‘street boys’.

However, his ‘alleged killer’ Showboy, has since been residing in Accra, following his deportation to Ghana and the threats from Junior US’s aggrieved street boys have intensified.

Showboy, whiles disclosing that these individuals have inhibited him from setting foot in Kumasi, said,

“Foolish people. You guys are in Krofrom and Dichemso issuing empty and stupid threats. What can you possible do to me when I come to Kumasi? Nothing. You can’t do anything to me.

“Does Kumasi belong to you? It seems you guys do not know me. I just don’t have anything doing there and that is why I am not there yet. I don’t have any business doing there yet. The only people I can visit at the moment are Y-Pee and Pascal.”

Showboy also reiterated that he wasn’t responsible for Junior US’ death, adding that the late businessman paid for his past mistakes.

“I’m I the one responsible for Junior US’s death? I only taught him a slight lesson. I beat him because he called Criss Waddle gay. I beat him stabbed him with scissors. He even attacked me with a knife first.

“He first slashed my neck with a knife and slapped me. I didn’t kill Junior US. Did you witness that I had contracted anyone to kill him? When he raped an under-age girl and he was made to pay for it, what have I got to do with that? Everyone got his punishment. Mine was to go to jail and his was to die,” he stated.


Earlier on social media, Showboy shared the particular video in which he was captured stabbing Junior US, in a bid to advise people on controlling their temper.

He said if he could turn back the hands of time, he would’ve simply walked away during their argument and not resort to violence.

“6 yrs ago , Criss Waddle sent Junior US to my apartment … 6yrs ago I lost my freedom and independence …. 6yrs ago I lost it all defending Amg and Criss Waddle …. I wish I could reverse this moment and just walk away after he attacked me inside my apartment …

“I post this to advice the new youth. . violence is not the way out … 6yrs ago on the 4th of July 2016 .. ..I lost my soul ..being fighting this case all my life … Nothing to prove if u know who you are and know your worth .. I pray I have another chance soon to chase my dream … .stay away from violence and stay positive if u have your freedom…” he established.




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