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IHRC World Chair, Amb. Abu Zein, the IHRC Ambassador At large to the AU host Student leaders on World Youth Day in Ghana




HE Amb. Abu Zein the IHRC Ambassador At large to the AU, who now doubles as the Senior Deputy Vice Chair of IHRC, played host to HE Amb. Dr. Muhammad
S. A. Khan, World Chairman and Ambassador At Large International Human Rights Commission (IG0) to celebrate the International Youth Day in Ghana this Saturday the 12th of August 2023.


IHRC Africa together with its international partners acknowledged the incredible contributions of the youth in preserving the peace we currently enjoy.

At a short ceremony in Accra to commemorate the day, Director General of the IHRC Africa, Dr. Chief Nat Nsarko in his welcome address noted that “this day holds immense significance as we acknowledge the power, potential, and passion of our youth in shaping the world we live in.”


He indicated that “the theme of this year’s International Youth Day, – “Green Skills for Youth: Towards a Sustainable world “resonates deeply with the challenges and opportunities we face”. He added that “it reminds us that our actions today determine the state of our planet and the well-being of future generations”.


HE Amb. Abu Zein the Senior Deputy Vice Chair of IHRC (global) on his part praised the student leadership for the great commitment to growing Ghana’s economy. He highlighted that “in Ghana, our student leaders have displayed exceptional commitment to human rights, social justice, and sustainable development.” He further pointed out that “your dedication to positive change and your tireless efforts in promoting equality, justice, and inclusivity is commendable”. The Senior Deputy Vice Chair of IHRC also pointed out that, the impact students have made on both local and global scale is a testament to their unwavering spirit and determination.


HE Amb. Dr. Muhammad
S. A. Khan, World Chair of IHRC as a way of commemorating the International Youth Day in Ghana and for his commitment to the course of women, made the only female among the delegation who is the current secretary of GRASAG UG; Ms Beatrice Akomah Boamah act as the IHRC first woman chair for the day.


HE Amb. Khan charged the youth saying “as we gather here, let us not forget that youth engagement is not just a choice, but a necessity.” He reiterated that “ your voices, your ideas, and your actions are integral in addressing the complex challenges our world faces – from climate change to poverty, from inequality to injustice”.

The World Chair, HE Ambassador Khan stressed that “the passion you bring to the table is a catalyst for change that propels us towards a better future.” He urged the youth not to be divided. They must rather be empowered and placed in leadership positions to steer their affairs. He emphasized that the youth must take advantage of the global village made possible through the power of technology. To him the youth must be the future of every country and that future starts from today. No one should be allowed to stop the development process of the youth. They must unite in their efforts at achieving their collective goals.


HE Amb. Khan added that “it is our collective responsibility to provide you with the tools, resources, and platforms you need to continue your noble endeavors”. He said, “We owe it a responsibility to foster an environment where your creativity can flourish, your aspirations can be realized, and your dreams can become a reality.” He added that the youth must insist on their dreams and aspirations and not the other way round where leaders after begging for strength and power from the youth do not listen to them. He told the youth to believe in themselves and change the scenario of today.


In a solidarity statement, Mr. Kobla
Asamani the development consultant at the Global Africa Development Corporation, Diplomat and Youth activist tasked the youth leaders present to remember that every step they take toward positive change counts. He said “Your commitment to human rights, social justice, global peace, and sustainable development will leave a lasting legacy. As student leaders, you are not just the leaders of tomorrow; you are the leaders of today.”


HE Abu Zein, the Senior Vice Chair of IHRC, elated the youth by challenging them “Let us celebrate your accomplishments, your resilience, and your unwavering dedication to making the world a better place”.

He further stated that “On this International Youth Day, let us renew our commitment to empowering and supporting our youth in their journey toward building a more just, equitable, and sustainable world”. He indicated that his office would sponsor some student leaders from Ghana to participate Ghana in the World Youth Summit scheduled to take place in New York later this year.


Peter Mensah, President of the Graduate Students Association of Ghana of the University of Ghana who led the youth delegation, acknowledged the challenges confronting the youth currently and appreciated the thought-provoking words. It’s indeed a very encouraging and inspirational message from the leadership of the IHRC shared with his team on their special day that suggest we can make not just a national impact continental impact. I believe our advocacy and movement can get the leadership to possibly follow us. However, he admitted, that it was no easy task given the current political dispensation, particularly in Ghana and therefore asked how that can be achieved.

In response, the IHRC World Chair charged them not to toe the differences created by the political climate but seek to unite themselves as young people with a common goal and vision. He urged them not to lose their resilience for any political leadership but to push forward for the common goal of the young people they represent as leaders.


They took turns to thank the youth for their tireless efforts and indicated that they were looking forward to witnessing the incredible impact the youth continue to make.
Together, we can transform our world for the better.

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