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Over 24,000 teachers have failed their promotional exam – GES



This means that 24,000 teachers, representing 31% of the teachers due to be promoted to the various grades, including Deputy Director, Assistant Director I, Assistant Director II, and Principal Superintendent in the Deputy Director grades, failed the promotional exams.

“Out of 80,810 candidates who took the test, 55,917 candidates representing 69% were successful. The grades involved are Deputy Director, Assistant Director I, Assistant Director II and Principal Superintendent,” parts of the statement issued by the GES on August 17, 2023, read.

It added that “For the Deputy Director grade, 8,565 candidates took the test out of which 4,655 representing 54% passed. For Assistant Director I grade, 25,556 candidates took the test out of which 21,749, representing 85% were successful.

“Candidates who sat for the promotion to Assistant Director Il grade were 40,020 out of which 24,581, representing 61% passed. For the Principal Superintendent grade, a total of 6,668 candidates sat for the test out of which 74% being 4,932 candidates were successful.”

The GES also indicated that teachers who took part in the exams would know of their fate via text messages.

“A message will be sent to all candidates who sat for the exams to indicate whether successful or not (Please note that, the promotion site will NOT be accessible this year), Formal promotion letters will be released in due course,” it added.




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