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Expressing Gratitude To our valued members



My fellow Akatamansonians, on behalf of myself and that of the entire chapter executive committee of NDC USA, we wish you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving Day is celebrated here in the US and Canada, though not on the same day, but for the same purpose, that’s a day set aside to give thanks.
History has it that, in November 1621, the Pilgrims on the MayFlower, after their first harvest in what was called “New World”, celebrated the first Thanksgiving” These festivities that lasted for some few days is recorded, was attended by the Pilgrims and some Native Americans.
The history or origin of Thanksgiving Day in Canada dates back to 1578 with a little different reason, but the same purpose-giving thanks.

As we celebrate this day with friends and families, we’re most grateful and thankful to each and everyone of you for your dedication, unwavering commitment and sacrifices for the betterment of our party and country over the years here in the US to enhance the Fortunes of the NDC.

We are particularly most grateful for giving me and the entire chapter executives the opportunity to lead and serve you for another term in office.
We began our term of office by holding a reconciliation conference, listening to most of you who voiced your concerns about what you deemed was done wrong by us in the old administration and either leading to or during the chapter elections.
We followed it with a historical and humongous successful conference and fundraising in Chicago and New Jersey, which was attended by H. E John Dramani Mahama, the former President of the Republic of Ghana, our flag-bearer, the leader of the rescue team to deliver our dear motherland, Ghana from the ruins of the state of affairs and governance by the super incompetent government led by the insensitive Nana Akufo Addo/ Dr. Bawuliar and the NPP friends and family government.
The delegation included our General Secretary Hon, Fiifi Kwatey, Hon. Alex Segbefia, Esq, the Director of IRD, Hon. Sammy Adu Gyamfi, Esq -National Communications Office, Hon George Opare Addo Esq, National Youth Organizer and a host of other dignitaries and national officers of the NDC.

Ghana needs us more now than never, election 2024, we cannot, I mean Ghana cannot afford to entrust the halm of affairs and governance into the hands of Dr. Bawumia liar. The super incompetent leader of the shameful and dysfunctional economic management team ever assembled by any government in the history of Ghana. The overseers of the unprecedented corruption, the leader of most scandalous regime we have ever experienced in Ghana, need I say more.

Ghana just cannot afford not to elect H.E John Mahama and the NDC party back to power in 2024. While thanking each of you for making our recent fundraising a huge success, most especially, the protocol and event planning team, the fundraising team, all the chapter executives, team Chicago, Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, Atlanta, and the New Jersey/New York/DC Metro/Massachusetts/Virginia/Rhode Island/Connecticut team and everyone who played a part in helping make these historical events a huge success, as earlier stated.

We have more work to do, I therefore would like to use this occasion to appeal to all of you to set aside all our differences and come together as one United family under the umbrella of the great Akatamanso fraternity to help rescue our dear motherland in election 2024.

What unites us is greater than what divides us.

Wishing you and yours once again a Happy and Safe Thanksgiving filled with warmth, joy and a moment of reflection on our vision as NDC USA Chapter in the Diaspora.
United we Stand, Divided we fall.

Better Together,
Eye Zu
Eye Za

Maame Aba Dadzie
Chairman, NDC USA.

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