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Beg bug ‘chop man alive’ inside US jail – Family



One man wey die for one Atlanta jail cell for America, allegedly die sake of say ” insects and bed bugs chop di man alive”, na wetin lawyer for di family tok.

Lashawn Thompson bin go jail and dem put am for di Fulton County Jail psychiatric wing afta officials say im dey mentally sick.

Family attorney Michael D Harper release pictures wey show Mr Thompson body wey bugs scatter.

Im dey call for a criminal investigation and tell tori pipo say lawsuit dey wait for dem.

“We find Mr Thompson deadbody inside one jail cell wey dirty well-well afta insects and bed bugs chop am live” Mr Harper tok for statement.

“Di jail cell wey dem keep Mr Thompson no good to even keep animal wey get disease. Im no deserve am.”

dem find Mr Thompson unresponsive for im jail cell on 19 September – three months afta dem arrest am – dem confam say im don die afta attempts by local police and medical personnel to wake am up, according to USA Today.

Mr Harper say jail records show say detention officers and medical staff bin notice say Mr Thompson condition dey worse, but dem no do anytin to administer aid or help am, di BBC US media partner CBS News report.

Di medical examiner report say im bin get “serious bed bug infestation” for im cell for di psychiatric ward but im add say clear signs of trauma for Mr Thompson body no dey.

Di report list di cause of death as undetermined.

Bed bugs dey deadly?

Pictures wey di lawyer release paint one-kain picture of Mr Thompson, di picture show say im face and bodi dey covered wit bugs.

Conditions of di jail cell wey di photos show too dey “horrific”, Na wetin Mr. Michael Potter, wey be entomologist for di University of Kentucky, wey dey specialize for bed bugs tok.

“I don deal wit bed bugs for 20-plus years,” Mr Potter tell BBC. “I neva see anytin wey dey near to dis level, if dis tin wey I dey see na di fact.”

Bed bug bites no dey dey deadly, but for some rare cases, Mr Potter tok, too much exposure to plenti bed bug infestation fit cause severe anaemia, wey fit dey dangerous if dem no treat am.

“Bed bugs feed on blood and very large numbers of bed bugs feed on very large amounts of blood,” Mr Potter tok.

For oda extreme cases, Mr Potter say, victims fit experience allergic reaction and dem fit go into anaphylactic shock, wey fit dey deadly also.

County launch investigation

“No be secret say di dilapidated conditions of di current facility make am incredibly difficult to meet di goal of providing a clean, well-maintained and healthy environment for all inmates and staff,” di Fulton County Sheriff Office tok for statement.

Di Office, wey dey run di jail, don announce a full investigation into di circumstances surrounding Mr Thompson death.

Di statement add say, dem don make an immediate expenditure of $500,000 “to take care of di infestation of bed bugs, lice, and oda insects wey dey within di Fulton County Jail”.

Di jail don also update “protocols for security rounds to include addressing sanitary conditions,” according statement tok.

“Di ongoing investigation dey examine details regarding di medical care provided and e go determine ultimately weda any criminal charges dey warranted for dis case,” di statement tok.

Di Sheriff Office also emphasis a call for building a new, larger jail to “provide ogbonge level of care, mental health services, security and cleanliness.” County commissioners dey study feasibility plans for a new Fulton County Jail to replace current facilities wey get long reputation of being overpopulated, underfunded, and unsanitary.

Last year, di Southern Center for Human Rights publish one press release wey dey titled Uncontained Outbreaks of Lice, Scabies Leave People at Fulton Jail Dangerously Malnourished, wia dem outline di many troubles wey di facility dey face and give recommendations to “contain future outbreaks” and improve “hygiene practices”.



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