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Your insults won’t work on me – Okyeame Kwame replies to trolls



His tweet was in response to a comment by media personality Naa Ashorkor, who had asked who could fix the country.

Okyeame Kwame‘s response read, “You Naa, you will fix the country. Starting with your health, then mindset, then your family, then your work. If we all start a small light in our little corners, Ghana will become bright. All the names you have mentioned can also light a small flame. However, Ghana cannot be fixed by one man. No messiah in politics.”

This tweet drew criticism from many individuals on social who found it insensitive and believed it downplayed the challenges faced by Ghanaians. Others likened his comments to the “Fix Yourself” campaign which was done in response to the “Fix the Country” movement in 2021.

However, on September 29, Okyeame Kwame took to Twitter again, indicating that he was not bothered by the insults directed at him. He expressed that insults only affect the recipient if they identify with the words or hold prejudices against the speaker. He stated that he remains unaffected by people’s opinions of him.

“The poison in insults is only hurtful to the host who identifies with the words as his reality and/or is prejudiced against the speaker of those words. I am free of people’s ideas of me,” he posted.

These comments from Okyeame Kwame come amid ongoing debates about the performance of the current government and the role of celebrities in advocating for social causes on social media.

In 2021, the #Fixthecountry movement gained momentum on social media, calling for improved governance during a period of economic challenges in Ghana. Government supporters also launched a #Fixyourself campaign, encouraging citizens to take the initiative and contribute to the country’s development rather than relying solely on the government.

More recently, the #OccupyJulorbiHouse movement emerged on social media and culminated in a three-day protest. While the first day saw some clashes, subsequent days were peaceful and garnered support from numerous celebrities. However, some celebrities faced criticism for their initial silence regarding the #OccupyJulorbiHouse protests.



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