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‘You can never give birth in your entire life’: Woman curses partner after DNA test outcome



The video, which quickly went viral, shows the woman’s furious outburst and refusal to accept the test results.

The dramatic turn of events unfolded during a live discussion on Mama Efe’s show on Nhyira FM, where the two had sought a resolution regarding their paternity dispute.

The man, identified as Frederick, had initially accused the woman of having multiple partners, refusing to accept a child between them. To settle the matter, the show’s management arranged for a DNA test, which would determine the child’s true biological father.

The test results, interpreted and presented to the woman on air, showed that Frederick was not the father, however, instead of accepting the evidence, the woman vehemently denied its validity, claiming that she had never slept with anyone except Frederick. Her rejection of the results provoked the show host, who challenged her to take the case wherever she pleases.

Following the tense exchange, the situation took an alarming turn once the couple left the radio station as a video footage captured the woman launching a verbal attack on Frederick, hurling curses and berating him in public.

“You are a bad person, you are a fool, you are useless to me, you are not a sensible man,” the woman exclaimed.

She added “I wanted you to beat me. I am pained about this, Frederick. I will let you beat me because you are a fool to me. Frederick, your mother, and all your family members will die… you have disgraced me, Frederick, and as a result, you will never give birth. Sex you may have, but you can never give birth in your entire life.”

Watch the video below:



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