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Woman drenched with boiling water laced with pepper



Maa Abena, the culprit, is claimed to have spilt hot water on the victim after a misunderstanding.

According to Abena, the victim gossiped about her.

Details are emerging that show the two are close pals.

The suspect allegedly went home, set fire to water, mixed it with pepper, and drenched the victim with it.

Cecilia was brought to the hospital, but she was subsequently released due to her inability to raise the necessary finances for her care.

The incident was later reported to Kwabenya Police Station.

She was arrested and subsequently granted bail.

The husband of the victim, Mr. Isaac Emil, corroborated the story, expressing surprise.

According to him, the two were separated, but the suspect returned home and threw boiling water on the wife.

He stated that the suspect complained to him about his wife, stating that she had gossiped about her, although she neglected to disclose the major issue.

“When the incident occurred, we separated them and thought the problem was resolved, only for the suspect to return home and bring the hot water and pour it on my wife.” I’m surprised because they’re the greatest of friends.”



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