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Watch Otumfuo’s departure for Scotland to deliver a lecture on traditional leadership



According to a report by Manhyia-owned Opemsuo Radio, the main purpose of the King’s travel is to deliver a keynote address on “Traditional Leadership in Modern Society” at the St. Andrews Africa Summit (SAASUM), at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland.

A video of Otumfuo’s departure shows a number of chiefs and subjects massed up at the Kumasi International Airport to bid him farewell.

The St Andrews Africa Summit (SAASUM) is a student-led initiative that promotes a versatile discussion about Africa, Africans and African Affairs.

SAASUM’s primary objective is to provide a platform that stimulates a critical dialogue about the common discourses concerning Africa by bringing together the professional, student and the academic. We aim to provide participants with an all-encompassing understanding of the trends currently shaping African Affairs.

Ahead of Otumfuo’s lecture, SAASUM has shared details about the Ashanti King profiling his role in various aspects including bridging the gap between the Kingdom of Asante and the British monarchy as well the Asantehene’s influence on education in Ghana.




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