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Two girls’ dormitories, kitchen of KETABUSCO hit by floods



The appeal by the headmistress comes on the back of the recent floods that have hit the Ketu South and Keta Municipalities of the Volta Region.

The recent floods have displaced many residents of the area.

The flood situation has affected two of the school’s girls’ dormitories and the kitchen.

As a result of the flood, the dining hall has been turned into a kitchen at the school.

Ms Matilda Dzotefe explained the effects of the floods on KETABUSCO.

She told Class 91.3 FM’s Volta Regional Correspondent Kingsley Attitsogbui that: “This year is an exception – too much. The harm caused, I think, is unimaginable. The affected areas, I think, are the two main girls’ dormitories. As you see, they cannot go to the dormitory without passing through the water and because of that, our teachers have to put their heads together and come up with a make-shift footbridge for them to pass and to the dormitory.”

The headmistress also touched on the current state of the kitchen where meals are cooked for the students.

“Water has collected so much in the kitchen so they cannot cook over there. The dining hall is now the kitchen,” she said.

She further explained that: “We have moved the dining hall tables and benches to the uncompleted dining hall so that is where they are taking their meals now.”

According to the headmistress, the situation is affecting teaching and learning in the school.

“It is wasting a lot of time because of the distance conveying food from the dining hall to where they will have to eat. And they will have to be carrying tables and chairs because the hall – we use it for other programmes. When it’s time for those programmes, they have to pack the tables and benches aside use it. After using it, they have to pack them back,” she noted.

“It is affecting teaching and learning. Our contact hours are not effectively used,” the headmistress bemoaned.

She, therefore, called on government to come to the aid of the school and solve the problem once and for all.



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