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Stoneman Willy don finally get burial 128 years after his death




One burial home for Pennsylvania don reveal say dem don find out wetin be di name of one petty tiff wey dem dey call “Stoneman Willie”.

Stoneman Willie na one di oldest mummies for US history and dem dey showcase am like artwork for di funeral home wey dey di small city of Reading.

Di gist of im death be say na by mistake dem bin mummify am afta one mortician try to preserve deadibodi for 1895 so dem go fit give am to im next of kin wen dem find who im be.

Before im bin die , im give police fake name for im arrest, im later die of kidney failure while im dey local jail, so dem no fit sabi who im be.

According to di funeral director for di home, Kyle Blankenbiller, “dem bin make plenty attempts to find di deadibodi family. But e no work.”

But now di locals dey give “Willie” befitting burial and go carry im bodi for parade wey go mark di city 275th birthday.

Generations of pipo don enta di city of Reading just to see di deadibodi, and even for di city anniversary, more tourist come di city to come watch as dem dey dey bury ‘Willie’.

How dem dey turn deadbodi to Mummy?

Oga Blankenbiller bin reveal say na by accident di mummification process happun, say mortician bin no really know di measure to just embalm and preserve di bodi and to mummify am.

Na so, six months later, almost di whole of Willie bodi don mummify.

According to ancient Egyptian method, wey be one of di popular culture wey dey mummify dead bodies for dia culture, di key steps for mummification na:

  • Comot di barain: dem dey probably use a “whisking” method wey go turn di brain to liquid
  • Comot di internal organ
  • Put di bodi inside natural salt make e dry
  • Rud di embalming recipe for di bodi to kill bacteria and seal am
  • Wrap di bodi inside line.




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