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River god allegedly kills 23-year-old man at Pantang Village



According to his mother, Theresah Botchwey, the deceased passed away at the 37 Military Hospital on Wednesday, June 7, 2023, following a motor crash on Sunday, June 4, 2023.

“At about 1:30 am, his friend came to inform us that he had been involved in an accident. His friend’s account was that they were racing on their way and when they reached the river, they did not blow their horn. He said a cow emerged from the river. Although he managed to avoid the cow, it collided with my son’s head and then stomped on him, throwing him by the river,” she told Kofi Adomah of Kofi TV during an interview.

According to Affotey’s mother, the incident on Sunday night was not the first time her son had encountered something mysterious while crossing the bridge over the river known as Obedru.

“Previously, my son had informed me that when he was returning from Abokobi, he encountered a large snake, the size and length of a light pole, lying on the bridge. Instead of turning back or blowing the horn, he chose to pass by the snake. After three days, he developed sores all over his mouth. The second time, he mentioned encountering a man in white clothing who emerged from the river, but he paid no attention and passed by,” she recounted.

Madam Botchwey revealed that after consulting with the river gods, the family discovered that her son was punished by the river for not blowing his horn when crossing the bridge.

“The family consulted the river, and it revealed that it had warned him about blowing his horn. According to the river, it has children that come out to play, and if it didn’t kill my son, he would eventually kill the children. So, it killed him,” she explained.

His mother recounted several mysterious stories and sightings by residents about the river and its feared deity.

“Everyone in town is aware of it. Even if you have a dispute with someone and mention it while passing by, the river god will take note. Even if you have issues with your husband and you send it there, it will kill him. It is a feared deity. I can’t even pass by the place to Abokobi unless I’m in a vehicle,” the grieving mother shared.

Affotey is survived by his 18-year-old wife and a young baby. His body has been deposited at the 37-Military Hospital Morgue, and the family is expected to perform rituals to appease the river god.


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