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Police dispatch rider involved in ghastly crash whiles escorting VIPs in Kumasi



The unamed rider had attempted to bypass traffic on the Anloga Junction stretch of the Kumasi Airport road when the incident of November 11, 2023 took place.

Photos posted on social media showed a mangled motorbike and the car with a badly mangled front.

The occupants of the saloon car escaped unhurt whiles the rider was rushed to the airport according to a Joy News report.

Despite signalling for the oncoming car to slow down, the motorcade collided head-on with the vehicle with registration number AS-1142-16, causing the police dispatch rider to fall in the middle of the road, the report stated.

The report added that the vehicle carrying the VIPs continued its journey despite the incident.

Police arrived later to clear the road due to traffic buildup whiles the damaged vehicle and bike were also towed from the scene.



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