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‘Onyame ehu wo o’ – Kuami Eugene jabs house help in new song



The song, which is a rendition of an original piece by legend KK Kabobo, highlights Eugene’s sentiments and stance on the matter.

It captures mixed emotions of regret and disappointment, broken trust among others.

Kuami Eugene, spoke about how God’s punishment usually awaits such persons.

“In whatever you’re doing remember God is watching you. Remember God is watching you if you are fond of embarrassing your fellow human, spewing lies and backbiting them. God is watching you.

“Think about it. If you will change, change because God is watching you. You act as though you love me, but in your heart you hate me. What didn’t I do for you? But you’re going round talking about me. Spewing lies about me. What you are doing is one of the things God hates the most,” parts of the lyrics read.

Prior to the development, Eugene took to Twitter to share an indirect jab at his house help, after her first batch of rants in an interview with Der Mad King TV went viral.

He took to social media with a response which read ‘Nipa bi y3 cobra’ an Akan phrase that translates to ‘Some humans are snakes.’


In Mary’s two batches of viral interviews, she shared reasons why she was sacked from Kuami Eugene’s house, amidst allegations of neglect among others.

Initially, Mary admitted she was the cause of their rift and her inability to properly run some errands triggered Kuami Eugene’s change of attitude.

Mary, who no longer works for Kuami Eugene said she was placed with two options; having her salary reduced from GH₵600 to GH₵400 or she leaves the house.

She further narrated instances where she collapsed while staying in the highlife musician’s house due to improper diet and other undisclosed reasons.





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