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Newly-acquired diesel-powered trains being sent to Ghana



Ghana is to receive a shipment of the two newly acquired diesel-powered trains in the coming days as they have been moved from the warehouse in Poland, where they were being kept, to be sent to the country.

The first units consisting of 12 modern passenger coaches, will undergo testing on the Tema-Mpakadan Railway line once they arrive.

In a video shared on X by a user @SIKAOFFICIAL1, the trains were being towed from the Polish Habour warehouse onto the ship which will transport them to Ghana.

Chief Executive Officer of the Railway Development Authority, Yaw Osuwu said the two trains, once they arrive will be used on the Tema-Mpakadan line.

He added that the second batch would be shipped in May and they will arrive in Ghana by August.

“For now, we are trying to test a commission at the Tema-Mpakadan line. It’s about 98 percent, Tema port to Mpakadan. To be able to commission and test the line, we have ordered two trains from Poland and not 12 trains.

“The first one will be shipped somewhere in the middle of February, and expect it to be here realistically in March 2024. The second one will be shipped in May, and it will arrive in August, the summertime,” he added.

He, however, added that the Tema-Mpakadan Railway was about 98% complete while commissioning is set for May 2024.




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