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Ghanaian fishermen build 21st century ‘Noah’s Ark’ with bare hands



Ghanaian fishermen build 21st century ‘Noah’s Ark’ We all only know of the story of Noah’s Ark from the Bible but today, in 21st century Ghana, some daring fishermen of a coastal community in the country have completed the building of what some have described as a replica of that architectural masterpiece.

Although there is little information on where exactly this took place, blogger, SIKAOFFICIAL, has been sharing details on the construction.

In his first post on January 29, 2024, he shared a 2-minute video showing the advanced progress of work on the gigantic boat.

In the video, many people, believed to be the fisherfolk, are seen working with their bare hands and without any advanced machinery, they were carefully putting together the structure.

“This is being built by hand. These guys are actually building this boat with their physical hands with no machines at all; with just some primitive tools and hammers and chisels and all that and they are building this boat.

“Look at how they built it. Just check out these details of the boat and what they’ve actually done… this actually blew my mind looking at the size of this boat and these guys are actually building this whole boat with their own two hands…” a man in the video is heard saying.

In an updated post, SIKAOFFICIAL shared another video in the evening of February 16, 2024, showing how successful the team had been on their boat.

The boat, looking all-ready and painted, is seen being pulled into the sea, even as onlookers and some of the fishermen applaud their efforts.

Watch the video below:



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