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Moesha Boduong sparks social media controversy with marriage proposal to father



On August 28, 2023, Moesha Boduong took to Instagram to celebrate her father’s birthday with a series of posts.

In one of the posts, she professed her deep love for her father and went as far as proposing marriage to him, saying, “Love my daddy soo much I want to marry him.”

The declaration of her affection for her father stirred reactions on social media, leaving many netizens questioning the appropriateness of her statements.

According to some of her followers, the actress’ proclamation seems to cross the boundaries of familial love and has raised concerns about the implications of such a statement.

Numerous social media users expressed their thoughts on the matter, with reactions ranging from disbelief to concern.

One user commented, “May God heal you Moe. I know you don’t mean to marry him; you mean to say you want to marry someone like him. It’s well Moe.”

Another user shared, “You want to marry your papa Ei.”

“Herh wop3 kraa twa woti enfa y3ho biom. Yabr3 wo. Ad3n. One person, you want to marry Jesus, u want to marry Barrack Obama. Ey. Ohhh daabi. Moesha bekumi.”

“You want marry him sen ? Are u okay ? Madam get treatment ok.”

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