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Derrick ‘Show Love’ Quaye knocks-out Michael Ansah ‘One Bullet’ in Round 2



Ghanaian boxer Derrick Quaye, also known as ‘Show Love,’ delivered a stunning knockout against Michael Ansah, nicknamed ‘One Bullet,’ in just two rounds during what has been hailed as the biggest boxing night of the first half of 2024.

The highly anticipated fight, held at the bustling Bukom Boxing Arena, had been the talk of Bukom and Jamestown for weeks. The verbal sparring between the two boxers spilled onto the streets, culminating in their face-off on Sunday, June 16, 2024.

The evening saw ‘One Bullet’ Ansah making a dramatic 20-minute entrance into the ring, brandishing a cane and moving to the rhythm of a subtle tune, setting the stage for a bout that would last less than seven minutes.

As the fight commenced, Quaye wasted no time, unleashing a flurry of punches on his opponent from the outset. Ansah seemed to withstand Quaye’s initial onslaught, but the power behind Quaye’s punches was causing unseen damage to the former National Lightweight Champion.

The second round brought the crowd to its feet as Quaye floored Ansah with a powerful blow. Although Ansah managed to beat the count, the relentless Quaye cornered ‘One Bullet’ once more, unleashing a series of punishing punches that led to a second knockdown.

Despite beating referee Roger Bannor’s count again, the 34-year-old Ansah could not fend off Quaye’s aggressive attack. As the referee signaled for the fight to resume, Ansah conceded defeat, much to the dismay of fans who had anticipated a different outcome.

This victory extends ‘Show Love’ Quaye’s undefeated streak to an impressive record of six wins, five by knockout, and one draw.

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