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Minute by minute timeline of everything that was said in leaked IGP audio



The first one is a 50 minutes 12 seconds long audio, while the other one is a 13 minutes 40 seconds long tape, with three main characters in the plot.

While GhanaWeb understands that not everybody may have listened, or can be able to properly breakdown the details of these audios, we bring you a minute-by-minute timeline of everything that was said in one of the audio.

These details, for the greater part (for the 50 minutes long audio), are made possible through the analysis of the host of the morning show on Kumasi-based Oyerepa TV, Kwesi Parker-Wilson, in a video analysis titled, “Plot to Oust IGP Dampare: Unveiling the Faceless Voices.”

First 5 minutes

– Pleasantries between one of the top police officials identified as a Commissioner of Police (COP) and the NPP man also alleged to be Bugri Naabu, a former Northern Regional Chairman of the party

– They then discuss issues around the 4 months terminal leave of the police COP

6-12 minutes

– The conversation advances with a plot that shows that this is a continuation of an earlier interaction between the men
– The COP added that if they take the IGP to the elections, it will not help them (the NPP)

– He said that the IGP must be changed if they want to Break the 8

– He added that they his wish is to see the Vice President, Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia to win the election but if Dampare is still there, their chances of winning the 2024 general elections will not be possible

– He stressed that elections in themselves are not about fairness because there is a lot of mafia work involved

– He also complained about the IGP had sent all his top police officers to Assin North for the bye-election there in June

12-18 minutes:

– The police COP continued to stated that before he joined the police service, he was a member of the New Patriotic Party (NPP)

– And that he had always said Dampare was not NPP but nobody listened to him

– And that whatever they needed to do to ensure that Dampare is taken out and their own man is put there to supervise the elections, they should do it

– (At this point, the top NPP man, who had been listening all this while, stated that there were some 4 top police officers who were also being considered for the position of IGP)

– He went on to say that IGP Dampare is not even in good terms with the military and that he has been arresting their cars

– At this point, the police COP mentioned his name as ‘Mensah,’ adding that if he was the IGP, these things would not happen

– He added that Dampare has never been an NPP person

– He added that Dampare was an ADC to the former president, John Evans Atta Mills, but in his CV, he has written it anywhere

– He added that Dampare’s mom is from the Oti Region while his dad is from Krobo, but he was born at Kyebi and so he is believed to be NPP but that is not the case

– He explained that Dampare was very close friends with Prof Mills and that when Mills became president, Dampare was still a sergeant

18-27 minutes:

– The police officer said that Dampare and former president John Dramani Mahama always talk and that Mahama has promised Dampare that should he come back as president, he will maintain him

– And that he had planned with Mahama that when he wins the 2024 elections, he would stay on as IGP until 2030

– He claimed that the Bawumia did not approve of Dampare’s nomination and that the IGP is not even in good terms with Vice President Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia

– And that elections are not won on fair grounds

– An that elections are won at the polling stations and that if the police can do a lot of work there, then they can win

– And that at Assin North, Dampare sent too many of his men there so they were not able to help the NPP get a win

– He added that he had even complained to the NPP General Secretary, Justin Koduah, telling him that he should be mindful that he does not take the NPP to opposition especially when he became General Secretary as they were still in power

– He was then asked by the NPP man that has he tried the National Chairman of the party. The policeman answered that he had not yet been able to do that

27-35 minutes (2 characters):

– COP Mensah continued to say that whatever must be done to win the Assin North election must be done

– In between the conversations at this point, there were a number of phone calls coming through, which he picked up and put on speaker, and a number of people’s names were mentioned, including the Member of Parliament for Tolon, Habib Iddrisu, that he wanted to buy a property belonging to another NPP person that would cost $1 million

– He was asked if he is able to sell the house for him, what would his share be and he was told 5%

36-50 minutes (3 characters):

– Within this period, a third personality joins them

– Immediately the third character entered the meeting room, he said he expected that he would hear good news that the IGP position had been given to the other policeman in there (the COP Mensah)

– The NPP big man however told them to be at peace and that everything will be ok

– This third character also started complaints about IGP Dampare, saying that a lot of people had made complaints about him but because people like Asante Bediatuo and Gabby Asare Otchere-Darko are close to him, he pays no attention to them

– And that there is someone called Area Mama who claims that all the problems of Akufo-Addo’s government stem from Gabby and Bediatuo

– He also stated that there was a meeting in which Paul Adom-Otchere met with John Mahama and some elders, where they discussed Dampare as a possible vice president, indicating that he is truly an NDC member. He also mentioned the name of retired police chief, Kofi Boakye, as being an NDC member

– This third character then mentioned the name of the leading NPP man in the meeting with them as ‘Prophet Emmanuel Bugri Naabu’…




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