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Kudus attributes mental toughness to upbringing in Nima



Ghana midfielder Mohammed Kudus has attributed his mental toughness to his upbringing in Nima, a “tough area” in the Greater Accra Region of Ghana.

Proud of his roots, Kudus has never shied away from acknowledging the influence of the Zongo residential town on his character.

Growing up in Nima has instilled in Kudus a resilient mindset, teaching him to stand up for himself from a young age.

“Mentally it’s a very tough area,” he shared with Guardian. “You have to be very tough to live there. If you are soft people walk on you.”

Kudus’s upbringing in Nima has significantly shaped his playing style. He approaches the game with a combination of strength, skill, and imagination, making him a formidable presence on the field.

His determination to win every 50-50 challenge stems from his experiences in Nima, where toughness is essential for survival.

Reflecting on football in his hometown, Kudus humorously recalls the lack of rules, emphasising the need for physical strength and resilience.

Despite Nima’s challenging reputation, Kudus aims to change perceptions by highlighting the talent and potential that exist within the community.

As a role model, Kudus embraces his responsibility to represent his roots positively. While he acknowledges the limitations of returning to his old life in Nima due to his fame, he remains committed to shining a light on his community.

Through his success and achievements, Kudus hopes to inspire and empower young footballers in Nima to pursue their dreams.




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