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‘I have to use you as a scapegoat’ – Adu Safowah tells presenter



Her actions were triggered by the line of questioning which she termed unnecessary and insensible.

Adu Safowah appeared on the ‘Vibes in 5’ show where the host, Alan Alavanyo, sought to inquire about some issues pertaining to her personal life.

One of the questions that kept re-occurring was centered on rumours of her pregnancy ordeal with a certain ‘fraud guy’.

“I heard you got pregnant for what you describe as a fraud guy,” Arnold quizzed.

This particular query appeared to have triggered some nerves, as it resulted in a harsh response from Adu Safowah.

Resorting to an angry tone, the actress cum socialite said,

“Arnold, I think I have to use you as a scapegoat. As journalists, you should learn to get your facts right. Whoever said in the media that I was pregnant for a fraud guy? You shouldn’t be asking me unnecessary questions. You should do your research and ask sensible questions. In any case, is it your business? You’ve asked me from the beginning and you are still on this why? My friend you are disturbing me.”

After making her submissions, she stood up and left.

While some netizens have condemned her actions, others think the interview was staged.

Watch the video below:



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