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Adu Safowah threatens to expose Zionfelix over disrespectful Mzbel interview



Social media is buzzing with news of a potential feud between popular Ghanaian blogger Zionfelix and Adu Safowah, a friend of musician Mzbel.

The issue stems from an interview conducted by ZionFelix with Afia Schwarzenegger, during which Afia poked fun at her long-time rival, Mzbel.

Adu Safowah, who is reportedly close to Mzbel, was not pleased with Zionfelix’s perceived disrespect towards her friend and has threatened to expose him if he dares to disrespect Mzbel again.

In a series of posts on Instagram, Adu Safowah warned Zionfelix to stop any negative comments or interviews about Mzbel, or else she would go live for an hour and reveal unsavoury details about him.

She also mentioned a supposed make-up artist named Zionfelix, whom she claims she helped to have a child, but who never showed gratitude to her and said evil things about Zionfelix behind his back.

While Zionfelix has not yet responded publicly to Adu Safowah’s threat, the incident has once again highlighted the power and influence of social media in Ghanaian society.

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