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I do not feel bad as a father – Yaa Jackson’s father jumps to her defence



Jackson Bentum, the father of Yaa Jackson, stated in a recent interview with Graphic Showbiz that he finds nothing wrong with his daughter’s sense of style and that being in the entertainment world has made her a target for haters and trolls.

“My daughter is not a bad girl like people think. You see, it is only when you are very popular that people talk about you so that is what is happening with my daughter.

“I don’t feel bad as her father when people talk about her because I know that is how showbiz is, people will talk about you once you are in the limelight, so I don’t have any issues with that, at all,” he said.

Mr. Bentum also believes his daughter is a fine young lady who is only acting out her part as someone who is acquainted with show business.

He also added that Yaa Jackson usually wears provocative outfits on social media to promote other people’s brands.

Yaa Jackson is not a bad girl, and everyone who knows her up close and personal knows that, take it from me.

“She is only playing her role as somebody in show business, that is all there is to it. When you see her in all those skimpy outfits, she is only modeling for clothing brands because she is a model,” he added.

He furthermore noted that Yaa Jackson, at home, doesn’t dress provocatively because she is a well-brought-up child.

“You won’t see my daughter in those clothes on an everyday basis, it is only when she is doing photo shoots, and as I stated earlier, she models for a lot of clothing lines.

Yaa Jackson is a well-brought-up child and she is very far away from the bad girl tag which has been given her by Ghanaians, she is a very well-behaved person and everyone who knows her personally can attest to that, I am not saying this because I am her father but it is the Gospel truth”, he stated.




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