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Yaw Dabo ‘suffocates’ as Moesha sits on his laps



Ghanaian socialite Moesha Bodoung has given netizens something to talk about after she was captured sitting on the laps of diminutive Kumawood actor Yaw Dabo.

In a video shared on Instagram by Yes Ghana Online, Moesha with her well endowed backside sat comfortably on the Kumawood actor who couldn’t free himself after being pressed down.

The actor clad in a red polo shirt and a pair of blue pants struggled to free himself from Moesha who was donning stretchy brown pants and a sleeveless top. Another public figure captured in the video was Oboy Siki.

Oboy Siki encouraged Yaw Dabo to hang on to the actress’ backside as she sat on him but Dabo could be heard moaning, “I am feeling uncomfortable.” He, however, appeared invigorated by Oboy Siki’s words of encouragement to hold onto Moesha’s buttocks.

All this time, the repented actress grinned without saying a word while the actor attempted to save himself from her weight.




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