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ECG sacks 11 top officials over alleged financial misconduct



As reported by, the list of these executives includes Treasury Executives, a Senior IT Assistant, an Assistant Accounting Officer, Artisans, and Customer Service Officers, along with other senior personnel.

The report disclosed that the implicated executives had engaged in a range of illicit actions that had a detrimental impact on the company’s finances.

The allegations against these individuals include manipulation and fabrication of records, unauthorised alterations to payment records, and improper payments and transfers, among other activities that inflicted financial harm upon the ECG.

The affected staff members had been serving across the various regions of the country prior to receiving their dismissal notices, indicating the termination of their employment within the company.

“As of August 2023, 11 top executives of the ECG from the various regions have been sacked by management for causing financial loss to the company,” the source said.

The source did not put the names of the sacked officials but stated that their dismissal letters had been delivered to them already by management.

The report added that the 11 sacked officials were given ample time by ECG management to defend themselves, but they failed, hence their dismissal.

The current ECG administration, the report added, is resolute in protecting the company’s financial resources.

As a result, the administration has introduced a series of policies aimed at curbing theft and other illicit activities within the company.


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